AIM Mining Research was set up to publish a book entitled Understanding Junior Miners. It has pulled together knowledge from five experienced players in geology, mining engineering and financial analysis to map out the areas of key importance in analysing a junior mining company. The company also provides an umbrella for project work, publications and presentations.

Understanding Junior Miners. Now available in printable ebook format for only £30. Within the 400 full-colour pages, our five experts reveal the specialist geological, mining and financial issues facing early stage juniors, what to look for and the questions to ask.

Understanding Junior Miners

This one-off pdf publication has drawn on the technical expertise of a ‘panel’ of specialists with considerable experience in the mining sector.

  • Investors chart the waters of interrogating and analysing early stage and development juniors
  • Bankers lending to junior miners developing new projects
  • Directors of junior mining companies when faced with greenfield project proposals
  • Students undertaking academic courses that involve understanding mining projects and junior companies
  • Government officials in countries where the public sector is seeking to become more actively involved in its resources sector
  • Managers in junior mining companies who may have joined with one set of specific skills, and are required to get a broader perspective as they move up to more senior executive positions
  • NGO’s seeking to understand more about mining projects affecting local communities
The nature of the bulk of the junior mining companies listed on AIM (I.e. early exploration or development companies) means their analysis requires even more specialist (technical) information not typically required in analysing industrial, financial or service-based smaller UK companies. They can perhaps best be compared to IT or bio-tech companies in the sense that investors need some specialist knowledge and jargon even to be able to start asking the right questions of the management team.The graph below shows that valuation issues in this sub-sector thus depend on where the company is in its life cycle, and that risks of mispricing can be considerable in the earliest days when data is not yet proved up.The pool of mining-related specialist knowledge has declined progressively over the last decade as major mining groups have cut back on exploration programmes and cut internal employee numbers to increase productivity. This book thus seeks to outline the questions that should be asked in order to understand and value a junior mining company.

Understanding Junior Miners

Now available in printable ebook format for only £30