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The Eleksen Watchdog feature gives workers peace of mind that their safety is not overlooked when they are working alone.


Watchdog is designed to help workers across industries such as telecoms, utilities, construction and mining who may face a range of scenarios such as: 

  • Accidents or emergencies arising during their shift
  • Sudden illness
  • Inadequate provision of rest, hygiene, and welfare facilities
  • Driving related incidents
  • Possible threat or violence by another person
  • SOS/Worker down while on the job
  • Theft or possible life threat in carrying out their duties
  • Collisions with moving vehicles.

Lone Workers

A configured haptic alert is sent to the Eleksen Personal Safety Hub at pre-configured time intervals. Lone workers then simply ‘tap in’ on the Hub to let their dashboard supervisor know they are OK when the Hub vibrates. If the lone worker fails to check in, the Hub and/or Eleksen Smart Garment will start to flash an amber alert and emit a bleep, following which, if the worker still doesn’t tap in on the Hub with sixty seconds remaining the integrated LEDs will start to flash red, the Hub will vibrate and sound an alarm. The dashboard will show an alert and pinpoint the location of the worker when time runs out, allowing emergency help to be sent if required.

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The Eleksen Connected Worker solution also offers benefits to lone workers who can sound local alerts in case of emergency. The alert will register on the Dashboard, showing the worker location and enabling a fast response to a dangerous situation.

Improve Safety

Increase Productivity

Reduce Risk

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